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At Hitbod, our primary mission is to provide the best products and services for our clients who are looking for solutions to optimize their muscle recovery, adopt a healthy lifestyle, and achieve their fitness goals.

Percussive therapy is a milestone discovery for muscle recovery, and finally, we can all agree that delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is preventable as well as manageable. Finally, a means of muscle recovery not limited to a select few with sufficient technical know-how on massaging. Massage guns! Anyone, anytime, anywhere! Whether you’re a professional athlete, a leisure cyclist or swimmer, a fitness runner, a recreational snowboarder, a college basketballer, massage guns are custom-made for each recovery need.

Muscle soreness, fatigue, spasms, or sprains can lead to heightened levels of pain or discomfort, and in massage guns, we have an accessible tool, available, anytime we do need it. With a resemblance to a power drill, they get their name “gun” from the basic idea they run on – rapid bursts of pressure into the muscles, a trigger mechanism, and a handheld design like pocket guns.

At Hitbod, we took a step further, a leap into the future, a simple and safe massage gun, with more attachment heads for your every muscle need, at a cost-effective price – the Hitbod Massage Gun.


Get to Know Hitbod

Our primary mission is to offer the best there is in technological value and premium service for our clients in fitness training programs, and in need of muscle recovery, and an improved healthy lifestyle. The Hitbod massage gun has been scientifically proven to help reduce muscle soreness, fatigue, and pain, as well as improve sleep and reduce stress levels, but that’s not all. Here’s more about the Hitbod:

HANDLE: This is as easy as it can get, the Hitbod Massage Gun is shaped like a power drill. Its handle is very easy and prevents your hand from falling off. The rubber pad prevents the gun from slipping off when your palms are sweaty.

QUIETNESS: We all need less noise. Humans are even born with the innate fear of loud noise. The Hitbod massage gun administers effective massage with a brushless motor and 40% fewer decibels of sound than leading massage guns. Indeed, it can be used anywhere and anytime.

SPEED: One common question that new massage gun users may ask is “what’s the right speed for me?” While we advise starting from lower speeds as you gradually ease off the muscle tension, going further finding the right speed may prove much of a dilemma, but with 30 gear frequency adjustments, the Hitbod swallows your headache. At 30 different speed levels, you can fine-tune your percussive massage to suit your muscle recovery needs, comfort for discomfort. At the top speeds, the massage gun thumps faster than an electric toothbrush.

INTERFACE: How many read the 20-page terms and conditions before clicking “Yes” or “Agree.” Few. With the Hitbod massage gun, you don’t need to. The LED Display on the gun makes it easy to operate. The LED display features a battery display to indicate the battery life of your gun (to avoid running out of power unexpectedly). The gear display indicates the speed level, and you can adjust it with the upshift and downshift buttons, to increase and decrease speed levels respectively. There is also a start button to power on your device.

ATTACHMENT HEADS: Different muscle groups may require different kinds of attachment heads to properly suit each muscle’s shape, size, and need. The Hitbod massage gun has six attachment heads that are custom made for various muscle groups: spinal, bullet, hammer, spade, thumb, and a larger ball head.

The spinal head helps to loosen the back and shoulder tissue, with a key focus on flexibility. The two-pronged spinal head helps to improve blood flow in the shoulder muscles. The bullet head is targeted for muscle knots and trigger points, due to its pointed head suited for breaking scar tissues, it also reduces muscle tension. The hammerhead provides a deeper massage suitable for all muscle types, particularly flat muscle groups.

The spade head is shaped like the back end of a spade’s blade and is efficient for targeting areas like the pelvis or shoulder blades. The thumb head also provides pinpoint treatment and can be effective for any of the 361 acupoints in the body that are muscle tissues. The larger ball head or the round head is a versatile option that most beginners will find helpful, or accustomed to. It is ideal for large muscle groups such as the glutes (the largest muscle in humans) and the quads (largest by muscle mass).

BATTERY LIFE: Powered by lithium batteries, the Hitbod massage guns can last for up to 6 hours, which is 3 times more than the average massage gun. Although it comes with a charger, you can be sure that you would have ample time for muscle recovery between each charge. Its battery life also makes it very suitable for outdoor usages like camping, skiing or picnics. 

Comfort, easy handling, quietness, long-lasting battery, numerous speed levels, and a free carrying case value at $30, the Hitbod massage gun is as good as it gets. Make a purchase for $189.99 and get free and fast shipping nationwide, with a risk-free 30-day guarantee or your money back.