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The 10 Must-Have Fitness Items for Your Home Workout

Are you a sports person that can't seem to get your behind out of the house to the gym? A lot of fitness enthusiasts choose home workouts (don't be surprised; several others choose home workouts, especially during this global pandemic), and each person has one reason or the other for their preference. Unfortunately, the pandemic has also added to the long list of reasons why an isolated workout is the first option for some people.

Well, don't fret, because the truth is everyday home workouts can be just as effective as any session at the gym. All you have to do is get it right! So, what are the most important requirement for achieving a productive home workout session? The fitness items you implement in your daily home workout determine how soon you will reach your objectives. But how?

To make your home exercises worthwhile, there are some essential fitness items you MUST have in place. Delve deeper to discover the top 10 vital pieces of equipment you need to create a personal fitness room:



  1. Massage Guns

What’s a home workout without a massage gun. Basketball without Michael Jordan? Baseball with Babe Ruth? Massage guns are the perfect recovery tool for every home. With a massage gun, you wouldn’t have to visit the gym or the massage therapist, as these percussive massagers are effective against muscle knots, tight spots, scar tissues, and sore muscles.

Massage guns can deal with specific spots or areas in the body, unlike most other conventional workout equipment, earning it the number one spot on this list. The Hitbod massage gun has over 30 speed levels customized for your specific need and can last for up to 6 hours of continuous use.

  1. Foam Rollers

Have you ever felt an intense need to relax your muscles after a powerful workout session? Aside from a warm bath, foam rollers are another way to relieve or reduce post-workout soreness. A good roll on the foam before exercising enhances mobility. A foam roller, whether the small or big size, is a must-have for every fitness buff.



  1. Treadmill

Running on a treadmill will always remain one of the top cardio exercises. A treadmill is a machine that contains a belt that is in motion without interruption once the device is switched on, while the user stands on it and walks/runs/jogs at the specified speed. Even better, you can customize your preferred pace on the device till you find the perfect fit for your weight loss plan and monitor your heart rate as well.

Treadmills have lower risks than jogging outside because you are in a safe space. Also, the surface of a treadmill is predictable and you are more likely to run into something or fall while you're outside. However, you may burn fewer calories on a treadmill. During the pandemic or on holidays, treadmills can be much more interesting if you run on them with a loved one or your pet!

  1. Stationary Bikes

Just as treadmills can be a substitute for outdoor jogging, indoor stationary bikes can also be substitutes for riding bicycles. Stationary bikes and bicycle riding involve cycling and provide similar benefits such as lower bodybuilding, back, glutes, and core. It also helps with burning calories and belly fat, and they serve as a facilitator of cardio exercises.

Contrary to popular belief, cycling doesn't cause extra strain on your joints so kill that fear and get a stationary bike today! However, if you have a medical condition that affects your joints, you should speak to a professional first.

  1. Weighted Jump Ropes

With weighted jump ropes, your heart pumps faster as a result of its aerobic effects, and you automatically put in more physical effort which trains your muscles. Moreover, the longer your reps per set, the more you build your stamina.

Note that weighted jump ropes are different from the typical (lightweight) ones because you need more energy. Therefore, you require additional strength to swing the weighted rope while you jump on a spot repeatedly and ultimately acquire your cardio goals. The versatility of jump ropes is unmatched so don't worry about getting bored!



  1. Yoga Mat

Crunches, lunges, sit-ups, planks, etc. are relatively simple floor exercises that should be in your at-home workout routine. They are typical exercises that you see in almost every exerciser's practice. Yoga mats help you maintain balance during floor exercises and provides a firmer grip, as well as several benefits.

Yoga offers so many benefits to the body and mind. A study showed that Yoga not only enhances muscular strength and flexibility but also mental and psychological benefits such as promote recovery from and treatment of addiction, reduce stress, anxiety, and improve sleep patterns. When you want to purchase the perfect yoga mat, look out for strength, material, eco-friendliness, thickness, and footing.

  1. Exercise Dice

Workout sessions at home could get somewhat boring and make you uninterested if you aren't intentional about making it fun. An exercise dice is shaped like the typical dice for most games but in this case, they have names of different exercises written on each side. In other cases, people use the typical dice, which has numbers 1-6 on all sides, alongside a list of distinct routines.

The latter is more recommendable because it allows room for flexibility. Additionally, you can customize or create your dice to tailor the exercises to suit your needs. When you roll the dice, you have to perform the task that the side facing upwards reads. You can apply exercise dice for a more exciting session with one or more workout partner(s).



  1. Barbells & Dumbbells

Compound exercises are great for exercising numerous muscle groups simultaneously. Barbells and dumbbells are perfect fitness items for these exercises. The duo aid with metabolism, cardio, bone density by building your biceps, triceps, shoulders, flutes, etc. You can make the workout more interesting by getting creative with these fitness items. Some unique drills you can add to your routine with these tools are reverse lunge to balance with a bicep curl, deadlift, dumbbell shoulder press on the med ball, and more.

  1. Exercise Ball

It is also called a fitness ball, medicine ball, or med ball. They come in distinct shapes and sizes because they are made to aid stability when exercising in off-balance positions to different body muscles. Some are shaped like basketballs but the fitness balls weigh more. If you are looking to get rid of bad postures, then the off-balance core workout (with a med ball) is highly recommended for you.

  1. Resistance Bands

Training your lower and upper body is no easy task and not all fitness items can get your desired body goals ASAP. Fortunately for you, resistance bands can do both as the manufacturers produce various widths per one. They are also advisable if your work-out area has limited space because they restrict excessive movement. Resistance bands usually have levels that start from 1 and can go as high as level 6. Note that the higher the level, the tighter it gets.

Workouts are generally great for building your muscles, with numerous health benefits to the body’s mental and physiological condition. By bringing the gym to your house, you can ensure you stay fit, healthy, and alert all the time.



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