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Percussive Therapy Massage Gun Back Exercises

The advent of percussive therapy is the latest milestone in sports medicine and muscle recovery. With accelerated and rapid bursts of pressure delivered to the body tissues, muscle stiffness and soreness are reduced, and the head attachments of massage guns, they can penetrate inches deeper into muscle tissues, and even more than foam roller can go, or more efficiently than human hands in tighter angles. Massage therapy is scientifically proven to help muscles recover faster by increasing blood circulation and reducing muscle aches and lactic build-up while improving flexibility and range of motion.

When we engage in strenuous or prolonged physical activity, especially when the muscles are stretched or strained beyond the usual. This is commonly referred to as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). DOMS can last for 1 or 2 days, and in some cases up to 4 days, massage guns help to reduce soreness and are effective against DOMS. A 2014 study published in The Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research showed percussive therapy is as effective as an actual message when it comes to treating DOMS. Every and anyone including gym enthusiasts or sportsmen can benefit from percussive massagers, as well as office workers who may experience work-related back muscle pain, such as back pain from sitting, lumbar pain from standing, drivers. Also, those who engage in manual labor or tedious jobs can benefit from percussive massage therapy if/when they suffer from back pain construction workers, and more.

Back pain can be so frustrating, especially aches in the lower back region. Lower back pain is one of the most troublesome ailment. The back, a part of the human body located posteriorly between the shoulders and hips of the human body, is composed of several muscles’ tissues. These tissues are linked with the upper and lower limbs of the human body and hence, they take part in the movement of the body. Because of this, they tend to get worked up and experience great pain. This pain experienced by people can cause a decrease in their productivity and affects their daily activities. Hence there is a need to always exercise the back muscles and increase productivity. Hence the need for percussion therapy back exercises. Chiropractic, physical therapy, deep tissue massage, self-massage, nutrition, and exercise usually render better and longer-lasting results.

Important factors that may influence your choice of a pattern of back exercise are numerous. One of them is how you sit, it is estimated that the average human sits for about 6 hours, this time range could even be higher for office workers, who may sit for long hours, sitting for long hours can cause more severe back pain. Another factor is posture, your overall posture can also be a cause of back pain. On other occasions, the exact cause of back pain may not be known or may be non-specific.

Why you Should Use Percussive Therapy for Back Pain and How to

Pain could be centralized be around the spine region which is a good place to focus your massage gun on, the soft tissues around the spine. This centralized pain could be due to sitting for long hours or due to posture. Back pains can also be caused by posture defects like spondylolisthesis, which results in recurring back pain. A less intense percussive massage therapy would come in handy but be sure not to place the massage gun on your spine at all.

Percussive therapy is arguably the most cost-effective way of treating back pain and may as well be the treatment method with the lowest associated risks, as all you need to know is to properly use a massage gun, making it a catholic way for treatment and relief of back pain. When used, massage guns increase blood flow in the back region. Also, percussive therapy increases endorphin levels in the body, which is a group of peptides produced by the nervous system of the body that helps to cope with stress, strain, or pain, many often call it the feel-good chemical, as it can boost happiness.

Percussive massage also increases the flexibility of the back and the ease of motion, this is very important for cyclists, swimmers, gymnasts, football players, and even for power drills and back exercises in the gym. Another frequent source of pain is scar tissues, this is common post-surgery, and can be extremely painful since these tissues contain no nerve endings, with percussive therapy, scar tissues are broken down. Percussive massage therapy will also help to decrease the tension in the muscles. But does this work, here are some steps:

  • First, before touching your skin, turn on the massage gun, for better control and safety, you should not turn on the massage gun before it touches your skin.
  • Next, you may start by resting it on your lower/upper back muscles without adding any pressure, then slowly increase the pressure, but the pressure should be minimal, you can set your massage gun to high-speed levels, but do not apply high pressure.
  • Gently, glide the percussion gun along with the muscle slowly, and take it deeper, about an inch a second or slower.
  • If desired, embrocate slower sprain or painful areas in the back region.
  • When you locate a sore or stiff area, let the massage tool just rest on that spot for a few moments, to unstiffen that region.
  • Ensure not to massage your spine or bones while using the gun, rather focus on larger muscles or areas of soreness.
  • Repeat this process for a few minutes, but do not overuse the massage gun.

It is important to note that persons with medical implants or devices in their bodies should seek advice or supervision from a medical professional or a licensed therapist before using a massage gun for back recovery. Also, persons with inflammation of the lower back region are not advised to use a massage gun except with permission or supervision from medical personnel or licensed therapist. Conditions such as tendonitis, bursitis, fasciitis among others may make massage guns unsuitable for your use, you should see a professional before doing so. Pregnancy will also make its use unsuitable for you, hence pregnant women should stay clear.

Of source, we understand that a lot of people want to try out the voguish massage guns, but some doctors may advise against some persons using them in private. If your doctor advises you against self-percussive massage but you are eager to try it out, you may ask about a referral to a physical therapist or chiropractor who uses percussive massage in their practice. Again, massage guns can be extremely beneficial for all and sundry, if properly used.

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