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10 Best Ways To Speed Up Muscle Recovery After A Workout

Workouts have proven to scientifically help in shaping the body and making the body stronger, reinforcing the body's immune system as well as increasing the resilience of muscles all over the body. The following contains proper post workouts that have proven to help restore muscle health and general body wellness.

Massage Guns

Percussive massager (massage guns) administers massage treatment through a device that delivers gentle but rigorous strokes which creates pulses and waves that sinks into the muscles and tendons, thereby liberating muscle tension and soreness as well as increasing blood flow in that area and speeding up the recovery of several health illnesses.

Percussive therapy as stated earlier is usually administered by a device called a massage gun. The massage gun functions by the action of its fast repetitive oscillatory motion. The character gives the percussion massage therapy an upper hand over normal massage therapy as it doesn't get tired while working.

Apply the massage gun gently on the tensed or sore muscles to beat those muscles into freedom, speeding up the repair of any micro-tear in the muscle while increasing blood flow and pushing out metabolites and toxins.

Percussive therapy has also been found to contribute significantly to the reduction of anxiety disorder cases. The application of the massage gun on muscles relieves the muscle tension so much that the body responds to this by releasing serotonin which helps to relax and recover faster, although the massage gun isn't meant to be used on bony surfaces, nor the neck region nor the parts of the body that exhibit any level of numbness.


Rest is a moment away from work or activity is characterized by calmness, a state of peace, and quietness. Rest is very important as it can be regarded as the period of a reward of your labor.  Rest periods give the body the time to catch up on its skipped biological processes.

Rest is as important as the workout or exercise itself. Rest has also be found to be the precious moments when muscles heal up into a stronger,  resilient band, hence making you more fit for the next massage session. Rest has also been found to improve the mental and physical performance of athletes. The muscles of an athlete that had adequate rest periods are usually more resilient than one who does not observe adequate rest.


Icing is a physical muscle/body treatment where ice packs are tied or placed in contact with an injured muscle part of the body (where ice packs aren't available, frozen items like vegetables are still applicable). Icing is frequently done after rest periods. However, the rest periods still continue during the ice treatment. Icing has been testified to significantly help against swelling, muscle soreness, and muscle inflammations.

Icing functions by reducing the temperature of that body and hence triggering the blood vessel to constrict (vasoconstriction)  thereby reducing the flow of blood to that area. This is a technique the body uses to maintain temperature balance and save major core organs of the body.

Icing however shouldn't be used for individuals with low blood pressure, neither should it be used upon bare skin injuries or parts of the body that feel already numb. The benefits of icing include the reduction of swellings, inflammations, and pains.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a treatment often offered by physiotherapists. It involves the manipulations of the body to soften muscles, tendons, and other tissues of the body, speeding up the recovery rate of the muscles and tendons as well as providing a total feeling of relief and satisfaction.

The benefits of massage therapy include an increase in the blood circulation rate of the body, reduction in anxiety and hypertension, speed up the recovery rate of injured muscles, make scar tissues disappear after consistent effective sessions, increases the range of motion and flexibility of the individual (this is especially beneficial to athletes), and also causes momentary pain to subside while reducing muscle tension and muscle spasm.

Taking NSAID medications

NSAID (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are drugs that are specifically used against body pain and inflammation. We live in a world where the majority of the population goes through stress daily; both physical and psychological stress. Thus, NSAIDs have become a miracle pill especially for those who exert physical labor at work. Examples of NSAID drugs include diclofenac, naproxen, ibuprofen, meloxicam amongst several others).

However, NSAIDs have been known for their side effects which a time can be more disturbing especially when taken consistently by the aged. Its side effects include the risk of stomach/GIT (Gastrointestinal tract)  bleeding, skin rashes, liver dysfunction, kidney dysfunction, and drug tolerance. Hence, NSAIDs should only be taken at the prescription or a licensed medical professional.


Getting sufficiently hydrated before, during, and after a workout exercise or sports activity has been proven to increase the overall performance of the athlete or individual. It has been found that while exercising, the body loses a lot of water (especially during endurance workout/sport like marathon running) alongside electrolytes like sodium and potassium.

Drinking water as required not only replaces the water spent but also serves as a solvent and medium of transportation for the nutrients, oxygen, minerals, and electrolytes. It also serves as a body lubricant thereby, reducing the re-occurring of muscle tear, muscle stiffness, and muscle rupture. It also helps to regulate the body temperature and homeostasis, keeping the internal balance that maintains a good mental efficiency system even amid stress and fatigue.

Consuming More Protein

Protein is one of the most important food nutrients in the body, and it consists of amino acids that are connected to themselves in a long chain format. Protein is popularly known for its unique importance in the body. Taking protein after workouts helps to: reduce bone illnesses such as osteoporosis, dislocations, and fractions, aid the production of anti-bodies they fight against infections and diseases in the body. Protein is also recognized for its ability to create new cells in the body. Protein consumables include fish, poultry, milk, egg, pork/beef amongst others.

Pre and Post-workout Exercises

Stretching, a frequently ignored pre and post-workout exercise is an activity that offers several health benefits especially to athletes and intense workout participants. These benefits include opening and increasing the rate of blood flow, facilitating muscle relaxation, and relief. It has also been found to contribute to the mental efficiency of the individual. Taking protein (either protein shakes or edible protein food) after intense workouts have also been found to be helpful and re-stabilizing as it replenishes dead cells while repairing worn out tissues and cells. It also attempts to restore the energy lost during workouts.

Compression Therapy

The compression therapy (often applied to the lower limb) has been proven to offer so many benefits especially when it is applied alongside the icing treatment and therefore, qualifies for our 10 best ways to speed up muscle recovery after workouts. Its benefit includes increasing the blood circulation rate of the body which simultaneously increases the level of nutrients and oxygen transported to several parts of the body. This singular effect of compression leads to several other benefits like speeding up muscle injury recovery rate, getting rid of toxins and metabolic wastes, and counteracts swelling and inflammation

Applying Muscle soothing balms/creams

Muscle balms have also proven to be very useful in soothing the muscles, treating aches and pains of the muscle and joints. There are several brands of soothing balm in the world today, however, it is best advisable to go for the one recommended by your doctor. At certain times, these creams are administered with some NSAIDs, it's advisable to diligently follow the doctor's prescription no matter how much the pain seems (this is due to the possible powerful potential of the drug with regards to your body system).

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