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Percussive Therapy for Working from Home

In the US Alone, reports have shown a tremendous increase in the percentage of remote workers, in the United States, it was recorded that 4.7 million employees work from home at least half the week, with a global pandemic doing much to increase those figures. Working from home may have never been so useful and appreciated as it was during the heat of the COVID-19 pandemic and still is.

The benefits of working from home may not be fully understood, yet. Most several psychological illnesses that exist revolves around isolation and loneliness. The seemingly distracting chitty chatty conversations at the office can be annoying a certain times, and at other helps to create a sense of liveliness in your work environment. The perky sounds of the keyboards, UPS, counting machines/other tools contributed to this liveliness. Now working from home may deny employees of this dynamics as all you now have to do is to move from your cozy bed back to your arranged home office and then back to the bed. Rinse and repeat!

Working from home grossly reduces our activities and business (which though stressful yet contributes as a form of body exercise and workout). Hence, many employees would end up eating more than they can dissipate and burn out (as calories). All these are sometimes accompanied by psychological stress or muscular inactivity. A massage contributes to the psychological well-being of employees working from home.

While working from home, you tend to take in a lot of food and snacks which contains often largely containing sugar and carbohydrates. When these nutrients don’t burn off, they tend to accumulate and cause restrictions of total blood vessel blockage, and the blood vessels in several parts of the bottle hence restricting the flow of blood (nutrients, oxygen) to that part of the body. This usually leads to sluggishness and getting easily tired with little tasks. 

A massage gun helps to gently beat deep into the muscles and aid the transport of food nutrient activities. They relieve the muscles of the stiffness and blockages caused by the accumulations and they break open the restrictions in the blood vessels. This eliminates the psychological feeling of quick tiredness even after light tasks. The action of the massage gun on your body sends vibrations into your body that helps to bring a sense of life into the body via the muscles.

On another note, it improves the range of motion range (flexibility). The muscles become relaxed and fixed as there is not any serious form of movement. Hence, they become rigid and inflexible. The massage gun helps to pound the fibers of the muscles, and by so doing, getting rid of forms of rigidity, therefore creating more room for movement and extension of the parts of the body beyond its former restricted range of motion. This gives a psychological feeling of well-being which denotes life and relaxation to the brain.

Make sure the massage gun is not resting on any part of your body before switching it on. this could trigger a conflicting reaction from the body. It could as little as a mild shock or as much as a sharp pain.

Multi-tasking is very common while working from home. The massage gun also helps to activate receptors within the nervous systems to bring about the dilation of the blood vessels thereby maintaining good body homeostasis. This of course creates a suitable internal environment for the brain to work more effectively. Massages can be held intermittently or even at work breaks; a percussive therapy can be as psychologically beneficial as physically beneficial.

Hold the massage gun gently and firmly as the vibrations and oscillations could send unexpected surges through your hand. Ensure your muscles have your full attention. You don’t want such an expensive and beneficial machine to end up falling to the floor as a result of a distraction

Allow the massage gun to gently rest and glide over you’re your desired target muscles at a uniform speed. This gradually wakes up the muscles or better still activates them. Also, carefully allow the massage gun to thump your muscles repeatedly.

Working from home could cause a tech neck particularly if you stare at the screen (computer screen) too much. Aside from tech neck, lower back pain can also be experienced as a result of your sitting posture. Slumped shoulders are also very common while working from home, when we lean forward over a computer, this could lead to muscle tightening or stiffness, as well as weakening of the back muscles. Apply the gun to your lower back. After this, try sitting in a way that supports your lumbar spine, and ensure your body weight is resting on the back of the chair, and as close to your keyboard and mouse as possible to prevent arm pain.

For breaking up of scar tissues, you can switch to the bullet attachment for better results, bullet heads are structured for this purpose – breaking of muscle knots and/or scar tissue. Hence, glide the massage gun at a slower pace over the whole area of the muscles as this helps to loosen the muscles into a more relaxed state.

Working from home has been identified by some employers to have increased the general productivity and performance of their employees. The reason for this isn't farfetched as employees now have to work in a more comfortable less tense environment. Having such a suitable environment helps the employee to be goal-focused, less tensed, or pressured in other to meet up with productivity expectations. Optimum physical condition is quintessential to this productivity, as muscle pains can reduce productivity. Other work-from-home benefits include the opportunity for more family bonding, and being opportune to engage in personal interests and hobbies.

While some are used to working remotely or enjoy doing so, others may be enforced or compelled to do so, without really being cool with the idea. With the advents of the massage gun and it’s potency in improving the general physical condition and mental state of those working from home. A person with a massage gun can easily see this as an opportunity rather than a circumstance.

“You should never view your challenges as a disadvantage. Instead, it’s important for you to understand that your experience facing and overcoming adversity is actually one of your biggest advantages.”

– Michelle Obama

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