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Massage Gun vs Foam Roller: Which one is better?

A massage is the kind of therapy everyone needs because of its overall relaxing effects. It is the relaxation of soft issues with an impact on the physical, psychological, and physiological aspects of the receiver. Although we need massages for various reasons, your body often requires the release of oxytocin (the love & comfort hormone), and one way to activate these nerve receptors is through physical therapy.

Another reason for some specific kinds of massage is post-workout muscle cramps. However, some tools have more effects than others. Here we will compare the massage gun and foam rollers.

The forms of physical therapy we will compare in this article are counter-effects for easing foreseen pain due to a good leg day at the gym. More importantly, these recovery tools, massage guns, and foam rollers can easily fit into your gym bag because they are travel-sized. Therefore, they are as vital as the gym clothes, sneakers, headphones, and all other workout essentials you keep in your gym bag.

Several fitness enthusiasts wonder if it is compulsory to have both recovery tools. The answer to that question is that it isn't entirely necessary, especially since buying the two pieces of equipment means more expenses. Therefore, it leads us to the question, "Massage Gun vs Foam Roller: Which one is better?" In response, we have compiled different and similar facts about the tools. That way, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. 


This recovery tool works perfectly for people who need targeted and extreme relief, like pro athletes or expert body trainers. The massage gun varies regularly between two positions on the specific muscle area you place it above. Once it is on the right spot, the ball head on the gun swiftly massages the muscle by pulsating against it.

The body parts that quickly adopt this muscle relief technique are the shoulders and topmost back. Also, you can move the massage gun with your hand around the specific body part to maximize the effect, but do not exert force on it. Massage gun has its process which it undergoes to give you a fast and easy workout recovery. The process aids myofascial release in the body. Moreover, the massage gun recovery procedure is an excellent tool for performing percussive therapy.

Pros and Cons  

  • Considering how efficient this device is, one would assume it is a big machine but that isn't the case. The machine gun is as portable as any other workout recovery tool and your average gym bag can hold it without a doubt.
  • You can charge it at your home or charge it at the gym while you are working out. On average, a fully charged massage gun can last up to 2 hours or more. The Hitbod massage gun lasts for up to 6 hours.
  • Furthermore, most massage guns have a handle, shaped like a pressing iron, in which you can slip your hand and hold it firmly while it oscillates. Others have a cylindrical-shaped handle that you grip with your hand for easy mobility.
  • One of the drawbacks of this device is that you can only use it on one part of your body at a time. Therefore, it takes up more time.
  • Not everyone can afford a massage gun, and not can everyone can use it. Athletes may not find a massage gun purchase any bit of a financial headache but not athletes might be reluctant to cough out a few hundred dollars for the recovery tool. People with medical implants or pregnant women can not also use a massage gun.
  • Some massage guns are noisier than the others, so you have to read the features carefully before making a purchase.  


You are most likely more familiar with this workout recovery device than massage guns. Foam rollers have existed for the longest time and they still yield the same precise relieving results, as they have done. Foam rollers are similar to massage guns as it also focuses on the removal of lactic acid from muscles caused by intense exercises. Moreover, foam rollers also help with the myofascial release by improving the passage of oxygen and regulating blood-flow through the fascia.

One of the differences is that the procedures taken to achieve the process are distinctive. It involves rolling on the foam, either on your back or front to relieve the tension in your muscles. They are especially useful for back massages to alleviate the tension in the shoulder and neck. Furthermore, it is excellent for tightly knotted muscles and it isn't limited to one body part, unlike massage guns. With foam rollers, you can cover more body parts as long as you focus on the back or front of your body per roll. It is flexible and an overall workout recovery device.

Pros and Cons

  • Foam rollers offer a broader relief to the body parts and are safe for non-muscle parts of the body.
  • Basically, anyone can use a foam roller. Foam rollers are an integral part of workout routines for pregnant women.
  • Foam rollers also vary in textures and densities. The best type of foam rollers for back massage are the ones with higher-density, so you know which to choose for backaches.
  • Unfortunately, they do not offer the luxury of portability, as not all foam rollers are small-sized. So, you should be meticulous while purchasing yours.
  • Foam rollers aren't designed for intense massages, as they do not exert any form of force on any part of the body. Unlike massage guns, foam rollers are not effective for intensive workouts, but for low or average-intensity workouts. 


Massage gun and foam rollers are both excellent forms of physical therapy and each tool serves you according to your requirements. If you only engage in a mild workout or have only a few bucks to spare, foam rollers are quite effective and cost-effective in this regard. If you engage in intense workouts or are looking for a go-to portable massage tool, you wouldn’t go wrong with a massage gun purchase.

We hope this article was informative and will help you in making the right decision for you. Whether you are a gym rat or a newbie, your recovery is now assured!

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