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10 Massage Gun Benefits After Workouts: Your Go-to Guide For Percussion Therapy

Since the advent and advance of technology, we could hardly argue not to have been greatly influenced by it, one way or the other. The question if technology has done more harm than good is more applicable in an argument than in reality. One major area of our lives, technology has not left untouched is comfort. 

As fitness is gradually becoming an important part of our lives, muscle therapy and recovery is becoming equally important. In the past decade, massage guns have even made a healthier muscle a greater possibility. The combined effect of therapy and percussion technology is a ‘winner winner chicken dinner’ for both athletes and neutrals looking to explore and exploit the benefits of a massage gun (a percussion massage device). Today we explore the benefits of using a percussion massager after working out.

  1. Massage guns are not only useful after an exercise or sports session, they are also handy for sore feet or and/or legs. So, let’s say you had to wait long for a bus, or sit too long on a transcontinental flight, or stand on a voting queue for a long while, a massage gun would come in very handy for your muscles, to relieve pain and help blood flow.
  2. Convenience and versatility are key advantages of a percussion massager, they can be used shortly before a workout, during breaks in a workout session, and after workouts. Using a massage gun before a workout will warm up the muscles and prevent abrupt elongation of muscles which can lead to strains, it also reduces the soreness of muscles and increases muscle flexibility during muscle motion. They are very portable and easy to carry about; they can be used almost anywhere.
  3. Tissue adhesion is very common, for both athletes and those looking to keep fit, this is the reason why athletes are usually seen stretching before or after games. Massage guns help relax these muscles and strengthen them, to allow increase metabolic rate and exchange of substances between cells in their tissues. Also, after an intense workout tension between the muscles and the body is heightened, they ease up these tensions, and alleviate pain and relieve muscle constriction. By breaking down scar tissues (which are responsible for damaged fiber repair in the body), massage guns help in injury recovery and relieving muscle constriction, they are very useful for scar tissues in post-surgery recovery. 
  4. The use of physical energy to strike some balance with our soul energy has been known to be a powerful pain relief and regenerative medicine tool, this vibrational healing method is also made possible by massage guns that send vibration sensations deep into the muscles and connective tissues for rejuvenation, rehabilitation, and recovery. Rejuvenation is also 
  5. Using percussive therapy is very effective for injury recovery and muscle spasms, increased circulation to injured areas is vital in making the muscles more flexible for faster healing times. 
  6. Pains in the muscles can be sickening, and muscle hardness is one of the common sources of muscle pain for sportsmen or fitness enthusiasts, hard muscles cause sharp pain and difficulty in motion, a percussion massage device will ease up muscle hardness and alleviate the pain.
  7. Stress control and management is a daily need in our lives. We engage in stressful activities that exhaust us physically or strain our muscles, it is important to manage this to prevent elevation of stress levels or muscle strains. This can be very important especially after the long run. Percussion massage devices stimulate the part of the nervous system that is responsible for vasodilation (widening of blood vessels) which in turn reduces stress and improves muscle recovery and mobility. Increased mobility is important in every exercise activity, as it helps maintain a flexible body. A flexible body also means reduced risks of a spasm, strain, or sprain. 
  8. Circulation and tissue metabolism are very important before, during, and after muscle exercising, this is particularly important for the transportation of nutrients and oxygen. Using a massage gun helps to improve blood and lymph circulation, by increasing blood flow, since blood is the transport medium for nutrients and oxygen, these guns will facilitate their delivery to the tissues for tissue metabolism. 
  9. Massage guns are a way to better improved all-around health and wellness. Having a sleepless night? Percussive therapy is a proven antidote against tension-related insomnia, making you sleep better at night. Percussion massagers combat fibromyalgia, which is a type of disorder triggered by physical stress, emotional stress, and/or psychological stress. By relaxing your muscles, massage guns reduce the painful sensations caused by fibromyalgia, and prevent it by ensuring the issue of physical stress is eradicated, they are helpful against depression and anxiety. A smart way to prevent fibromyalgia is us a massage gun frequently, especially after routine exercise. They prevent the re-occurrence of injuries in previously injured areas. 
  10. Improved immunity and elimination of toxins are some other benefits of percussive therapy. Lymph travels throughout the muscular system and plays a key role in getting rid of toxins and/or wastes. Elimination of toxins from the body means that the body and its organs will function properly, and healthier immune system. They also help clear cellulite from the body, easing up the accumulated fat cells around the muscles and fibers. 

“They say you can’t buy happiness. I guess you’ve never bought a massage before.”

– Anonymous

Yes, a good massage indeed boosts your mood, as studies have shown that it increases serotonin and dopamine levels in the body by 28% and 31% respectively (the neurotransmitters linked to happiness and motivation). A massage gun purchase is certainly a good choice for athletes of all levels. From amateurs to professionals, and fitness enthusiasts, there will be increased fitness levels and a greater experience during exercising, and with that, you just might be able to buy happiness. Not in the history of technology, has there been such a device so important and so improving to blood circulation, mental and emotional health, muscular activity, and general well-being. 

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