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15 Best Massage Guns in 2021

Since its introduction to the scene barely two decades ago, percussion therapy has proved to be a revolution in physical and psychological health, not just for athletes and gym enthusiasts, but for all and sundry, easing body pains, helping boss circulation as well as managing stress and depression. 

Choosing from a host of massage guns out there can be far from easy for some, in this piece, we bring your analysis of the 15 best buys for percussion massagers to ease your choosing process.


  1. The HITBOD

This is a next-generation massage gun. The Hitbod lets you hit the right spots at the right time, and it's been systematically formulated to relieve back and foot pain and speed up your muscle recovery, making it very handy after a nice gym workout. Before workouts, it enhances the flow of blood and fluid exchange across the muscles to prevent spasms, strains, and keep you flexible during workouts. The Hitbod massage gun comes with 6 attachment heads, 30 gear frequency (speed levels) with low noise, and could run for 6 hours. That's some ease anywhere and anytime without disturbing anyone.


  1. Theragun Pro

 Much more quiet than previous Theragun models (with QuietForce technology), it comes with an extra battery and both can be used interchangeably. Its in-app force meter ensures more effective massage at sore points in the muscles. This technology makes it a very effective gun for recovery and healing experience. It has two swappable batteries last for 2 hours 30 mins each (5 hours total). At 60 lbs. max force, it is one of the most powerful guns on this list.


  1. Hyperice Hypervolt Plus 

The Hypervolt Plus is Bluetooth-enabled, while in use, you can connect it with the HyperSmart app which automatically regulates and adjust the device to suit your needs. It features 3 speed settings and 5attachment heads.


  1. DMS Professional

Made of titanium and stainless steel the Deep Muscle Stimulator reaches deep into the muscles to help break up scar tissue and is enhance faster recoveries from injuries, it's one of the deepest massage tools out there.



 Petite massage gun lovers? Nothing to worry about! At just 2.2 pounds the Kraftgun is one of the highest on this list. Running on a Samsung battery and powered by a brushless motor on adjustable handles which reduces noise drastically, it provides adequate pain relief and therapeutic massage, with ease.


  1. The REXBETI

 A massage designed to last long. On average, you can enjoy six to eight hours of use with the Rexbeti's lithium batteries. With 10 massage heads, a high torque of 3,200RPM, and 30 speed levels, you can enjoy a variety of deep pressure massage.


  1. Hyperice Hypervolt

The Hypervolt was built to help users monitor their massage. It features Quiet Glide technology that ensures relief of muscle soreness and stiffness, and increased circulation, and a built-in pressure sensor technology that provides feedback for users throughout their therapeutic sessions. With lithium batteries, you can expect its battery to last for up to 3 hours. 


  1. TimTam Deep Tissue Massage Gun

 A travel-ready massage gun with a padded carrying case, Timtam features a 90** articulating head and interchangeable rounded tips for precision massage. Effecting quick release of stored lactic acid, this deep tissue massager relief soreness very quickly and is a go-to recovery device with more power for relief. 


  1. LifePro Pulse FX

A Massage gun with 4 interchangeable heads. A round head that reduces muscle stiffness​ and soreness, a flat head for recovery massage, a spinal head for improving flexibility, and a bullet head for precision massage. At 16mm amplitude, a user-friendly display, and a battery life of about 6 hours, it's one of the best massage guns in terms of efficiency.


  1. Recovapro

The Recovapro also features five speed settings and LED indicators for battery level, charging, and speed settings. It promotes muscle recovery but is also helpful in warmups. Shaped liked a power drill, the massager is very easy to hold and use.


  1. Hyperice Hypervolt Massage Device

This is a unique device that runs a detachable battery. It comes with 4 interchangeable head attachments, a forkhead, a bullet head, a flat head, and a round head. With three speed settings, the Hypervolt remains quiet, emitting about 50-60 decibels at top speed, making it a very good option for use in public spaces and at any time of the day.


  1. Theragun Elite

Tharagun’s Elite runs for 2 hours, offers a 40 lbs. max force, second only to the Theragun PRO in the Theragun family, and is designed with a QuietForce technology with advanced sound insulation that makes it quiet while delivering deep tissue massage. It comes with five speed levels and 5 head attachments (dampener, standard ball, wedge, thumb, and cone) and is also able to integrate with the Smart App via Bluetooth.


  1. LifePro Sonic

A heavy-duty massage gun with a mix of comfort, the Sonic handgrip is ergonomic ensuring great ease of handling or lengthy use. With its rechargeable lithium-ion battery, it runs for up to 6 hours on a brushless motor and has five speed levels to choose from.


  1. Darkiron Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle

This is a great utility gun that offers some flexibility as well. With less than 30 decibels of noise ad 30 speed levels, you get to choose your needed speed without any buzz. It lasts for about 6 hours and its lightweight design makes it portable.


  1. Theragun Mini

This massage gun makes this list as one of the most portable massage guns out there. At 1.3 lbs. the Mini gun is very portable and -friendly. It also has a good battery life of 2-3 hours and three speed settings, making it a good option for travel or recreational use.



There are many factors to consider when buying a massage gun, five of these key features of a massage gun are its battery life, speed levels, functionality, ease of use, and noise levels. You don’t want to go around looking for a socket every time you need to use, sometimes we also want something in between for speed levels, and you also wouldn’t like disturbing everyone with the noise of your gun, which explains our top 2 on this list.

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